Talia Manning, Client Services

INSPIRATION: “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Talia is a rising star in the world of marketing and graphic expression. She serves a variety of industries, assisting with graphic design, logo and branding development, creation of collateral and marketing materials, scientific illustrations, photography, writing, copyediting, research, marketing and business development strategy, and proposal development. A trained mediator, Talia works fastidiously to understand her clients’ needs, coordinate effective collaborations, and confront challenges to achieve lasting solutions that exceed expectations.


With exceptional organizational and communication skills, astute attention to detail, and an eye for graphics, Talia works with the Weybridge Strategies team to synthesize discrete components of a project into an integrated and cohesive whole. Talia specializes in conveying complex technical and analytical information in a clear, concise, and compelling manner in both written and graphical form. Her written work uses accessible language that caters to the intended audience to effectively share critical information, and her designs and finished products are carefully tailored to satisfy the unique expectations of each project and capture the vision of each client.


Inspiring and contributing to environmentally and socially conscious innovations has been the overarching theme of Talia’s broad and varied professional experiences. Always striving towards the goal of leaving the world better than she found it, Talia has worked with businesses and non-profit organizations to improve social welfare, advance initiatives to resolve international conflicts, expand awareness of environmental impacts, and implement meaningful change. Her work spans the extremes of scope and geography, from volunteering on the sustainability committee of her local New Jersey chamber of commerce to providing city planning recommendations for economic growth in Cambodia.

Career Highlights

During her career, Talia has developed marketing materials that highlight companies’ cutting-edge practices to capture a growing sustainability-minded market base, contributed to marketing strategy for organizations like the US Green Building Council, enhanced the marketing of architecture firms committed to green building principles, created lesson plans for middle and high school ecology classes, coordinated a nation-wide book tour aimed at effecting social change, successfully promoted non-profit programs to raise awareness of international issues, and helped organize a conference to advance sustainability efforts in the tourism industry. She has also written, illustrated, and edited a number of published reports, books, and scientific papers on a variety of topics. Talia is very excited to have recently launched Chameleon Studios, a boutique marketing and graphic design firm where she currently serves as Chief Creative Officer.

Wild Card

Talia’s passion for photography has framed the way she views the world and encourages her to see the beauty in the everyday. Her favorite photographic subject is the natural environment, and she enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, snorkeling, gardening, passively observing, and engaging in other activities that bring her closer to the great outdoors.