Mercedes Perez-Tamayo, Graphic Design Studio

INSPIRATION: Mercedes strives for balance and harmony in everything she does, taking to heart the Kikuyu proverb “When the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”.

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taMaYo deSiGn, iNc. is an award-winning, minority-owned design studio formed in 1997. Our wide variety of clients, from large-scale corporations like Kraft and Sara Lee to the local butcher has allowed us to work on everything from full-scale corporate branding strategies to bus wraps and CD inserts. We are passionate about ensuring that our clients are putting the absolute best representation of themselves out in the world.


Our main responsibility is to visually represent ideas in a manner that make them easy to understand and exciting to look at! We work with our clients to identify solutions to getting their message out in a cohesive, consistent and visually pleasing manner from concept to completion. We pride ourselves in bringing fresh ideas to the table.


Mercedes is the co-founder and president of taMaYo deSiGn, iNc. Having worked for over twenty years in the worlds of business-to-business public relations, market research and advertising, she has worn many hats and brings a unique perspective to her clients, both as an expert problem-solver and a creative force.

Wild Card

Mercedes loves learning. She reads avidly, creates sporadically, cooks experimentally and dreams continuously.