Kristin Perry, Grassroots Marketing

INSPIRATION: The greatest connections and memories are directly related to the uniqueness of the experience and the comfort of your guests.

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The power of Kristin Perry’s grassroots marketing efforts and groundbreaking events have turned countless consumers into cheerleaders for many a brand and business. Her professional career has included arranging everything from private corporate jets for executive retreats and managing investment conferences in luxury hotels to founding an award winning farmers market and pitching in to pass caviar hors d’oeuvres at parties.


At Weybridge, Kristin is responsible for devising grassroots marketing strategies and events, from concept to reality, that measurably advance awareness and positively impact client project goals. She creates the “ripple effect”, starting with an initial splash of local events and partnerships that leads to strong message reinforcement and loyal support from unpaid brand ambassadors. From there, each positive association or interaction produces waves about her clients’ product, company or services that continue to expand throughout the community and stakeholder pool.

Career Highlights

Most recently, Kristin created The Kitchen Potager, a unique educational and entertaining destination in Bucks County PA. Each of her events contains an element of surprise, supporting both the host’s goals and enhancing the attendees’ experience. Recent successes include educational cooking and gardening programs, various festivals, featured chef events and local and international culinary tours.


Prior to joining Weybridge, Melissa provided brand strategy, copywriting and social media content for The Rittenhouse, The Bridal Circle, Kristin’s introduction to marketing special events was under the legendary Chris Giftos at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. From there, she went on to arrange corporate events, conferences and retreats for a leading boutique investment bank in San Francisco where “out-showing the previous event was a competitive sport.” Kristin also managed an equity-marketing platform in London for financial investors, in the process mastering the nuances of cultural hospitality and international logistical planning.

Wild Card

Kristin can most often be found “conducting” behind the scenes, but when not working you’ll more likely find her turning a left handed cartwheel or “shuffling off to Buffalo.”