Janet Haag, Purpose Marketing

INSPIRATION: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where you didn’t know they were going to be.”
– Joseph Campbell

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Janet’s experience in the nonprofit sector as well as higher education enables her to bring a unique perspective to Weybridge Strategies and a strong skillset in helping to build meaningful brands. She understands the dynamics of integrating organizational mission with economic strategy and the power of language to inspire and motivate. She is an innovative leader and creative wordsmith.


On the Weybridge team, Janet lends her talent for writing and her editorial expertise to shaping clear, crisp content for print and digital communications. Attuned to the unique challenges of for-profit and nonprofit enterprises, she offers expert guidance to leaders of both on ways they can communicate their values, beliefs and behaviors to help one another excel while working toward creating a more effective social sector and achieving environmental sustainability.


Janet has facilitated strategic planning retreats, developed organizational policies and procedures, and implemented metrics for success. She has served as the senior editor for an international publication, taught in several universities, led fund-raising campaigns, managed public relations, and forged partnerships with numerous community groups and businesses.

Career Highlights

Janet launched a branch office social services program, building it from the ground up, subsequently rising through the ranks to become the agency director of operations. More recently, she has held the top leadership position for two nonprofit organizations, successfully navigating a founder transition and helping the board, staff and other stakeholders define and pursue viable new directions for the organization.

Wild Card

Janet is an avid fan of intercollegiate Division III women’s lacrosse (her daughter played for the University of Redlands, twice leading her team into NCAA championship action). Janet has also evolved as a snowboarding devotee (her son logs a ridiculous number of hours in mountain terrain parks and on backcountry trails).