Gricha Raether, Advisor Technology & Americas

INSPIRATION: “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” 
– Ayn Rand

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Gricha brings 15+ years of experience in the high-tech, green energy, and consulting industry. He currently is the lead director of the Poni global remittance project in Latin America. Having graduated with honors from the top engineering school in Mexico (ITESM), Gricha has fulfilled roles in every stage of the product lifecycle, from developer to product and project manager in R&D, to branding and marketing. He has also acted as senior consultant in fields as varied as defense, medical, alternative and green energy, consumer electronics, and communications. Gricha has extensive experience working in Latin America, having led multiple projects that required management of all product-related aspects including technical, legal, regulatory, and marketing.


Gricha’s keen understanding of technology and impeccable communication skills enable him to understand complex technical issues and effectively translate them into features and benefits that resonate with key stakeholders, target audiences, and business owners. Gricha is responsible for identifying business opportunities where particular technologies can make a big impact. He is also adept at crafting effective messaging and powerful marketing collateral for presenting products to potential customers.

Career Highlights

Gricha earned an MBA from Baylor University in Texas and has subsequently been awarded several certifications in innovation and technology management from one of the world’s top business schools in Mexico (IPADE).


Before moving to Mexico in 2010, Gricha lived in Austin, Texas where he was responsible for high-level project management and sales at Aeroflex, a US-based consultancy working in the defense and medical industry. Gricha led several projects ranging from weapons test systems (Lockheed Martin), consumer electronics (Apple), to DNA testing equipment (Asuragen). Post Aeroflex, he worked as international project manager for ViaNovo, an Austin-based consultancy firm representing US high-tech firms in Mexico. Most recently Gricha began consulting in Mexico developing key contacts in multiple enterprises, including information security and encryption systems for the banking and government sectors, while continuing to represent foreign companies.

Wild Card

Gricha grew up in five countries and was exposed to multiple cultures and languages from a very young age. He currently speaks six languages, three of them fluently: German, English, and Spanish. Gricha has a deep appreciation for language and linguistics.