Claudia Stehli, Digital Marketing & Innovation

INSPIRATION: “How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” 
– Seth Godin

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Claudia has more than a decade of experience in online marketing and small business development. She is a multi-talented marketer, results-driven business coach and skilled entrepreneur. Claudia is a “maximizer” who sees great things and untapped talents in everyone and everything, helping inspire clients to break through obstacles that limit their growth. She lives by the advice she gives clients. “Do what you love, even if it’s scary”. Claudia is fluent in German, English and Spanish.


Claudia is Weybridge’s digital marketing director. Using inbound marketing, she provides clients with the research, strategies and planning tools to promote their brands, increase their marketplace visibility and maximize their influence. Claudia closely collaborates with her clients empowering them to develop and share authentic and compelling content that will attract and engage stakeholders, building loyalty and trust.


Claudia built on a foundation in traditional marketing to finely hone her skills in digital marketing communications. Over the past several years she has built three companies in different sectors, most recently founding a small business-oriented consulting firm in Mexico. Prior, she held director positions in marketing, social media and communications at various successful start-ups in her home country, Switzerland.

Career Highlights

Claudia has a special talent in supporting and inspiring people. She has quickly advanced her career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, thanks to her passionate curiosity and unflagging energy. Recognizing strengths in herself and others, Claudia feels compelled to nurture them, refine them, and stretch them toward excellence.

Wild Card

Claudia sees life as a series of adventures, moving from Switzerland to Mexico to start an exciting new chapter in her life. As passionate about learning as she is about living, her monthly “library” includes books about business, fashion, art and design, film and TV, travel and foreign cultures.