Strategic Marketing

Market Research and Assessment

Aiming for market leadership but shooting in the dark?

We make your target clear by overlaying market trends and expectations with organizational goals and objectives to achieve competitive advantage.

The importance of market research in achieving industry leadership cannot be underestimated. Weybridge market research and analysis and competitive intelligence gathering services offer clients evidence-based solutions that help them define plans and tactics to drive clear market leadership, not shot-in-the-dark approaches. We use data and dialogue to align our client’s organizational resources with bottom strategic business objectives and plans.


Our senior research analysts and competitive intelligence professionals have extensive experience in business market research and consumer market research, working with organizations in many sectors and deep knowledge of the broad marketplace. Objective methodologies and quantitative and qualitative market research tools are used to provide clients with vital market information, brand research, comprehensive data evaluation and measurement, insightful interpretation for actionable strategy and decision making and strategic perspective to empower change for improvement.

Weybridge researchers apply rigorous market research tools and methodologies, and measure information using statistical analysis for predictive analytics. However, we know that data alone does not consistently reveal the most innovative, profitable, or cost reducing opportunities. We also exercise the art of perspective to bring depth to analyses and data evaluation. This is qualifies Weybridge researchers to expertly connect disparate information to reveal a robust picture of your organization’s competitive landscape.

Branding and Positioning Strategy and Execution

Strategic Brand Management

Brand strategy not delivering against business goals?

We stand ready to help clearly defining what your brand should stand for over time — and determine what it’s going to take to get there.

Today’s competition is ferocious. The marketplace is not only cluttered, it is littered with the debris of companies and brands that never turned a profit could not demonstrate customer value and failed to connect with the audiences most important to their fate. Having a strategic marketing plan is critical. Every day brings new opportunities to add value to your brand and increase your company’s bottom line profitability.


In addition to a brand audit and brand valuation, Weybridge specializes in Strategic Brand Management. We can also help develop your new product strategy from start to finish. For established brands, we can help to add vitality and create news with fresh, insightful and cost-effective reinvention programs.

Our straightforward approach will help guide your management team through the process, no matter what stage of the life cycle you’re operating in. We can help develop the critical positioning strategies for your company or brand, as well as architect long-range strategic plans to ensure its success. Launching a company or brand in the marketplace is a complex, tricky and risky business. You don’t want to be out there without a plan geared toward those that can make or break you. If you want to take your established company or brand to the next level, Weybridge Strategies can help there too.

Using insightful brand research analysis, smart strategies and innovative approaches, we’ll help you through the marketing planning process and arm you with the kind of actionable strategic and marketing tactics that will drive your company and brand value, and your bottom line profit.

Corporate and Brand Positioning Strategies

Is your brand out of synch with your business strategy?

Alignment comes by identifying a powerful, breakthrough positioning that will resonate with stakeholders, elevates your company and differentiates you brand.

Brand research, brand analysis, brand audits, brand valuation and brand planning are core competencies of the Weybridge team. We help drive strategically differentiated marketing positioning and brand repositioning approaches grounded in appropriate consumer research – from focus group discussion and customer behavior analysis to quantitative testing – that help frame a powerful positioning map to elevate your company, your brand and your leadership.

Strategic Sponsorships

Want to drive home your market leadership with key stakeholders?

Strategic sponsorships can fuel your competitive advantage and increase your organization’s credibility, image and prestige.

Sponsorships can be a powerful complement to your marketing mix, providing unique opportunities to communicate your market leadership to key stakeholders and broadening your competitive advantage by increasing credibility, image and prestige.


Sponsoring events that are attractive to your target market offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once; including enhancing Image, driving sales, shaping consumer perception and attitudes, generating positive publicity, and heightening your marketplace visibility.

No less importantly, by supporting an event or organization, you are helping fulfill your role as good corporate citizen and communicating that you are a “white hat company.”

Whether your budget allows for financial support or in-kind contributions, there are myriad opportunities to align your company or brand to positive effect. Weybridge supports clients with a careful brand analysis as well as opportunities assessment to ensure your sponsorship is a “good fit” and delivers a strong ROI. Whether it’s sports sponsorships, a charity sponsorship or an arts sponsorship with national or international “legs”, or a single conference sponsorship, club sponsorshipor sponsorships for events specifically targeted to niche markets, Weybridge ensures that your investment will have a dramatic influence on business, consumer and VIP relations.

Sports Marketing

Seeking a profitable and sustainable marketing approach? 

We’ll help you “field” the teams, players, athletes –and their fans –that will build status and encourage loyalty to your company and  brand.

Sports marketing, sponsorships and sport event management can be a highly effective tool as part of any brand-building campaign. It’s a proven winner in driving sales, creating broad marketplace recognition and incenting memberships. Given the prominence of sport in consumer’s lives – and the passion with which it is pursued – Weybridge often develops sports marketing and sports PR programs on behalf of our clients as part of a sustainable marketing strategy.


At Weybridge, we leverage years of experience in strategic communications, marketing, business development and public relations at leading marketing consulting firms to evaluate what sports sponsorships and marketing sport strategies best suit our clients. Married with our entertainment, brand building, media training and television expertise, we’re able to deliver world class sports sponsorships and winning programs designed to increase ROI and minimize cost.

Business and Marketing Planning

Strategic Planning and Equity Development

Is your company or brand vision unclear?

Clients appreciate the clarity we provide in developing strategic plans that easily translates into action.

Staying ahead of the competition requires meaningful points of difference for your company and your brands as well as developing a strategic plan and business marketing strategies for success. Weybridge Strategies is positioned to develop and support your strategic marketing plan and implementation efforts at all points in the evolution of your company.


Whether developing a comprehensive 5-year company business marketing plan, or an immediate roadmap for a product, division, or brand, we can lead your team in determining the objectives, strategies, and tactics that will make your company successful. We’ll help identify key learnings, conduct competitive assessments, clarify your objectives, and brainstorm business growth strategies as well as build financial assumptions and projections to ensure success.

Brand and Product Life Cycle Marketing

Worried your brand is getting “dusty?”

Re-establishing brand relevance with your most critical stakeholders is the first step…

Focused strategic brand management can help reinvent your brand, cycling it from a trend toward maturity back to a growth curve, so your company will enjoy continued success and ensure a life cycle where “decline” is one problem you won’t have to wrestle with. Brand planning and brand repositioning is a core competency of Weybridge.


We can undertake targeted brand analysis help mine critical consumer insights and brand association based on your business objectives, leveraging them to spark new energy and profits. We’ll develop and apply a strategic filter to establish the core objectives and approaches for the reinvention, as well as create brand identity guidelines and corporate identity guidelines for architecting and implementing your re-introduction plans. Aggressive market monitoring from trend tracking to keen intelligence gathering techniques allow you to stay ahead of the curve. We pro-actively initiate programs and events to drive market leadership and profitability.

Business Risk Management

We recognize that your company and brands’ reputations are your biggest and most important assets. We’re able to help in all facets of risk assessment, crisis planning and preparedness, crisis training and crisis leadership so you can appropriately and quickly respond to a situation before it becomes a crisis.


If the crisis is unavoidable, Weybridge will provide the counsel, support, and experience critical to successfully manage the situation and protect your value and reputation. Weybridge Strategies’ crisis experts combine strong strategic, business risk management, marketing, and PR crisis skills to help you build customized crisis communication plan as well as proactively manage events that occur. We’re committed to helping you protect your consumers, customers, employees and brand — and to actively, professionally, and ethically react to any situation that may arise. We’ve turned media nightmares into key sales drivers.


Reputation Management

Brand or company reputation on the line?

When your most valuable asset is at risk, we’re there with critical strategies to help maintain credibility and protect your hard-won reputation.

Weybridge provides comprehensive issues identification and issues tracking combined with strategic communications counsel and vehicles. From external stakeholder and investor communications to marketplace seeding and proactive thought-leadership campaigns, Weybridge Strategies specializes in managing existing or potential issues to optimize corporate and brand-building goals.

Crisis Management Planning and Response

Are you fully prepared for a “situation”?

We ensure you’re not only prepared to quickly and effectively contain potentially damaging incidents, but to prevent them as well.

An overall management risk assessment will help identify your company’s major areas of strength and opportunity, as well as pinpoint the likely scenarios you or your industry may face. We will help develop the appropriate response strategies before a situation arises, as well as review regulatory issues, current and emerging trends that may impact you.


A comprehensive company crisis communication plan developed by Weybridge includes a preparedness guide that includes all the information, materials, and processes your team needs to effectively respond when a situation arises. This includes identifying team members and team roles, as well as developing the essential materials and messaging to respond to all critical stakeholders. It also means establishing the decision-making criteria for company actions and implementation plans to ensure that any action taken is well considered to further the most beneficial response.

Identifying and training a response team is critical. Weybridge Strategies will train your designated crisis manager and crisis management team members to work effectively together in managing a potential company crisis. We’ll define roles and responsibilities to avoid redundancies and ensure streamlined decision-making and crisis response. We will also develop comprehensive and relevant communication programs and messaging to assure a strategic, streamlined and time efficient response to a communication crisis should it occur. Inherent in this is the identification and media coaching of senior level management to serve as corporate spokespersons, and enabling them to responsively deliver key messages with compassion, authenticity and conviction.

To be truly prepared entails vigilance and practice. Weybridge Strategies will design and lead customized mock crisis drills to encounter the real life scenarios you may face and identify areas for improvement in a company crisis, inclusive of business strategy and practices as well as communications. When an event occurs that could lead to crisis; we’ll be on-site 24/7 to proactively help you contain the situation before it can escalate into a public crisis. Our incident management process provides comprehensive support through all phases of a crisis from early detection, corporate action and even recovery, with services including; ongoing counsel, communications strategy and management, external audience perception assessment and executional support.