Product and Brand Management

Product Development Strategies

Have a story, ready to tell the world?

We’re there for you with go-to-market strategies from idea generation to new product pricing and launch plans.

Acting as a partner and objective resource, Weybridge Strategies can support your team throughout the new product innovation management process, working with you to lead creativity sessions, brainstorming and early design and concept development. The Weybridge team has a wealth of experience in new product development in a broad spectrum of business sectors.

Product and Concept Testing

Have a concept and need to know what people think?

Don’t risk going to market without our researchers finding out customer and prospect responses to your ideas, concepts, and prototype.

Effective consumer testing through a variety of smart research techniques from simple focus groups and consumer panels, to elaborate combinations of qualitative and quantitative research. Weybridge Strategies can help direct and execute the research design, execution, and analysis of results.

Products Evaluation and Planning

Weybridge Strategies can help in evaluating product commercialization needs and financial and success parameters. We can also help to forecast volume opportunity and profitability for your new company, brand or when launching a new product

Company, Brand, and Product Launches

Need a breakthrough product launch plan?

We’ll cut through the clutter with creative and executional approaches that set your company and brand apart.

You need a breakthrough product launch plan to set your company and brand and apart in the marketplace. We will shape a powerful result for introducing a new product through focused leadership at every turn, from initial brainstorming about launch ideas to detailed plans and flawless execution.

Global Marketing Strategies and Communications

Expanding your presence across borders?

We develop multi-national strategies in marketing and campaigns that flow from your over-arching business goals.

We offer depth of experience and the necessary flexibility to develop multi-national strategies in marketing and campaigns that flow from your over-arching business goals, allowing for local adaptation to deliver geography-by-geography profitability and success. Bottom line, Weybridge has a wealth of experience in international marketing strategy.

Graphic Identity and Design

Does your visual identity tell the whole story?

With a unique and recognizable corporate identity you drive not only brand awareness, but impression, emotion and behavior…

Modern graphic design effectively relays information and communicates your message. Communication through images helps you connect with your audience and builds brand loyalty. With a unique and recognizable corporate identity, you can grow your brand awareness and stand out in the marketplace. Weybridge works with you to translate ideas into concrete results.


We create powerful, custom brand identities, which include logos, brochure designs, professional presentations, product packaging, folders, manual/digital illustration, business cards and any corporate materials that are needed to communicate the key messages unique to your positioning. Our marketing solutions align with your goals and values to make a strong branding statement that is specific to your business.

Creative logo design needs to clearly and quickly convey your business or concept to your target audience. Whether you need a new logo to highlight your brand or a logo redesign that refreshes your current look, we work closely with you to ensure that your corporate logo design, business cards design and letterhead design stand out, create an impact and attract new prospects. PowerPoint graphics and annual report design are many times an afterthought and created internally, but they can be the first impression a potential client gets, so they are equally important. We create cohesive, eye-catching presentations and reports that compliment your brand.

Your company’s marketing materials should portray your message clearly and stand out from the vast amount of information that consumers get daily. Our team works with you to develop your message into innovative, effective, customized communications both in print and on the web. Invitations, business brochures, promotional flyers or business flyers are some examples of the materials that we can help you develop.

Of course, a consistent, impactful web presence ties everything together; your identity, message and strategy. Our creative website design conveys your business message in the most effective and memorable way, and reflects your unique brand identity and business goals to help you to have a clear structure so your content can shine.

Relationship Marketing/Affinity Programs

Need to work on your relationship/s?

Our communications strategies  drive loyalty and ensure that every dollar spent increases your brand value and profitability.

Communication strategies that take message relevance into the critical new realm of thriving relationships. From conceptual strategy to customer-by-customer, consumer-by-consumer implementation, Weybridge Strategies helps to drive loyalty and ensures that every dollar spent increases your brand value and profitability.

Event Management

Celebrating a milestone or circling your stakeholders?

Special events are a key strategic marketing and communication tool. We go beyond simple event project management with a holistic approach that assesses the strengths of your brand and what will resonates with your target audience…

At Weybridge Strategies, special events are employed as a key strategic marketing and communication tool for our clients. We go beyond simple event project management in creating and developing event proposals and special events, instead taking a holistic approach – first assessing the strengths of the brand and sounding out what resonates with your target audience.


The event concept flows from there, followed by a detailed event planning checklist and flawless execution of logistics and technical coordination. As part of this event management system, post-event analysis also plays a key role in ensuring our client’s return on investment. From corporate events like product launches, corporate meeting and press conferences, to hospitality affairs like award ceremonies, sport event management, film premieres, concerts and launch/release parties, our events managers create promotional happenings that help our clients communicate and build relationships with key stakeholders.

Weybridge can help orchestrate all aspects any meeting, event or program, from creating advisory boards and sales meeting management, to product launches, annual conferences, special events and virtual meetings.

Product and Lifestyle Photography

Do your pictures tell the whole story?

Your image library is only “worth a 1000 words” if the photography and styling is an accurate and powerful reflection of your business and your brand.

The need for companies and organizations to develop a library of compelling photography demonstrates the aphorism “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Whether with advertising photography, sales catalogue shots or photography for websites, if you get it right you’ve powerfully told at least a part of your story, at a glance. At Weybridge, we believe the fit between photographer and client is all important.


That’s why our award-winning product photographers are artists able to make your offering pop off the page. Our food photographers and restaurant photography experts produce editorial, packaging and product advertising photography that dazzles, using strategic lighting and impeccable styling to make the viewer’s mouth water. Weybridge editorial photographers and lifestyle photographers are adept at illustrating a story or idea, positioning your offering in a context that strongly resonates with your target audience. Need a corporate photographer for your annual meeting, annual report or to produce corporate headshots? We can do that too.

Communications (Online and Offline)

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies

As part of your strategic marketing planWeybridge Strategies identifies gaps, assesses the competitive landscape and creates compelling strategic communications messaging across multiple audiences, delivery mechanisms, and geographies. We’re adept at working with your integrated agency partners to arrive at an integrated marketing communications plan designed to blow your competitors out of the water.

B2B Communications Initiatives

Weybridge Strategies has the resources to design a customized approach that makes sense for your business. Whether it’s a B2B global initiative or complex interactive strategy, or simply creating B2B websites or direct mailing services, you can count on us to relentlessly drive your business forward with business growth strategies and programs that lead to marketplace leadership and success.

Brand Ambassador Activation

The ability to engage consumers, potential customers or advocates around your company, brand or cause is a major component of the brand marketing strategy and promotion mix. Your need may be to quickly expand your presence in new markets, or it may extend to more powerfully branding yourself to get a jump on the competition. At Weybridge we develop the critical messaging and the mobilize the right people to deliver it.


Brand ambassadors are effective because they literally reach out and touch consumers one-on-one to promote a business, increasing the likelihood that your prospects will buy, or at the very least ‘talk up” and create buzz around your product, service or cause. In the field, on the street, in-store, or as event staffing at trade shows, concerts, festivals or other events – they are able to express your most important message directly to the customer, appealing to the human aspects of your product or service.

At Weybridge, brand Ambassadors are trained to understand our clients’ product, service or cause and effectively promote it with the same passion as if they’d thought of it themselves. We have broad experience in sourcing talented, passionate and knowledgeable promotional staff. We organize and manage campaigns and different promotion concepts for product launches, in-store programs, guerilla marketing campaigns and whatever else might be needed to strengthen your marketplace presence.

Stakeholder Engagement

Weybridge delivers comprehensive stakeholder mapping and stakeholders analysis, then couples it with tight message development and delivery mechanisms that are both original and resourceful. This enables our clients to communicate persuasively and with immediacy to critical audiences and influencers.

Marketing Communications

Because we approach each of our client relationships as a partnership, we’ll work side by side with you to develop a customized consumer marketing communications plan and customer strategies that specifically target your objectives. We can help you develop a finely tuned, integrated marketing communications strategy that will ensure that every element of the marketing communications mix delivers a consistent message and is working hard for you.

Corporate Communications

Leadership in business is a universal goal. At Weybridge we are uniquely qualified to develop innovative and astutely selective strategies, programs, venues and individual leader skills that raise the bar on establishing and building leadership positions. Corporate leadership strategies and visibility programs are a core competency at Weybridge.


Weybridge offers smart and time-efficient approaches to the industry market research analyst organizations and individuals in business analyst roles and business analyst positions who must not only be up-to-date about the full measure of your company and its offerings, but who are critical to being perceived as on your side.

Internal stakeholder influence and staff engagement are also core to your business success. We deliver intelligent, fresh and resourceful programs and customized approaches that enlist employees as powerful brand ambassadors, contribute to internal retention goals and set your company apart as one who understands that employees are the most connected and fundamentally important audience you have.

Finally, from a corporate leadership presentation or executive presentation to creating a positioning brochure, corporation annual report or corporate announcement, what your company says, how you say it, when, and in what format, will drive your reputation, your believability quotient and your overall business success. Weybridge Strategies offers exceptional corporate communications expertise and know-how to guide and produce exceptional materials and outcomes.

Online Marketing and Social Media

Online Marketing

Online marketing is critical helping build and protect your brand‘s stature reputation and influence. With an effective online marketing plan and compelling content you build relationships and authority. The key to effective online marketing is authenticity. Having a unique voice and message is what builds trust and engagement—and, ultimately your marketplace leadership.


Our unique 3-Step approach is to 1.) collaborate with clients to develop strategies tailored to their business, 2.) develop a turnkey online marketing plan and then 3.) coach them through implementation and execution.  This methodology ensures believability, builds credibility, can creates powerful relationships with your online stakeholders.  Moreover, we assist with implementation and integration on an online marketing component into overall business strategy.

Powerful content is the next critical factor and it provide the foundation for great online marketing results. We take a customized approach, helping you develop unique and creative content marketing strategies designed to bring targeted traffic to your website. We help you craft compelling and ever-changing content that will resonate with your stakeholders and audiences to help grow your marketplace visibility and influence. By attracting, engaging and inspiring your customers and prospects we help drive targeted traffic to your website. Tactics include; business email marketing, blog content planning and content marketing tactics that get attention, generating leads and prospects. Assistance in implementation and integration into overall business strategy.

These days, unique, well-written, interesting and useful content is required to create a higher search engine ranking – not just keywords. Working together, compelling content that is keyword optimized will deliver the traffic, attention and interest of your target audience and prospects.

Content marketing strategy needs to be paired with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to create awareness and drive stakeholders to your company, brand or product website. In fact, 95% of consumers consider websites found through search engines to be leaders in their market space. Weybridge will analyzes your website’s effectiveness, helps you identify areas for improvement and gives you strategies to drive increased traffic to it. We utilize market-leading keyword research analysis tools to identify the most powerful and relevant keywords to bring you new traffic, while at the same time highlighting your competitor’s weaknesses. Working together, compelling content that is keyword optimized will deliver the traffic, attention and interest of your target audience and prospects.

Social Media Marketing

With social media outlets evolving every day, a core competency of Weybridge Strategies is helping keeping clients abreast of trends and helping them seize new opportunities to create compelling content.


Social Media is about much more than the technology and different platforms.  Being interesting and making noise isn’t enough to build a significant audience anymore. Today people interact mainly online and turn to Google, Blogs and Social Media Platforms to find new products and services. Social Media is all about getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Key to effective Social Media Marketing is having something important to say and making your audience truly care about your story and your ideas. To make people  believe in you, you need clear ideas that stand out, a message that resonates with your audience and a voice that your audience can easily relate to.

We help you develop unique strategies and action plans that leverage social media and its tools to raise the visibility of your brand, and enable you to engage directly with the stakeholders most important to your bottom line.

Tactics include comprehensive social media research, monitoring, driving targeted traffic to your website; establishing leadership and making critical consumer connections.

Web Strategy and Development

Your website is the communications cornerstone of your business. Developing the right web marketing strategy and plan for your organization is critical to creating a dialogue with your key stakeholders. Online opportunities to engage and communicate with your key audiences are endless. With Weybridge web marketing services, you’ll with a clear road map for how to best leverage your online presence and reach your goals.


To begin, our web experts will to audit and analyze the effectiveness of your existing website (or to develop a website) as well as assess your competitors’ web presence and on-line activities. We provide detailed reports that point up the opportunities you are missing and help you to maximize the possibilities the Web offers.

For your visitors to act, you have to know them, their goals, ambitions and motivation and use persuasion psychology to boost the decision making process. We help you create a powerful messaging platform that conveys what makes you different and is carefully aligned with the attitudes and interests of your target audience. We help create a winning – and unique – website strategy that is customized for your company and business goals. By doing so, we’ll help you turn prospects into customers, convert customers into clients and increase conversions. We’ll help you; attract new visitors, create new leads, market your product or brand, and – most importantly – create compelling content that will increase your perceived value with key stakeholders.

Core to your Website marketing strategy is successful content development and marketing paired with the process of search engine optimization (SEO). Your overall goal is to be easily found, to keep in touch with your constituents and help them to act. To achieve this we combine seo web marketing with business email marketing. Coupled with robust and unique content and good web design, these tools and tactics provide an easy to use interface that will compel your visitors to act. Finally, Weybridge believes that it should be simple to manage your content and website. To this end, we offer training and an easy-to-use and solid content management system that allows you to frequently expand update your website at no additional costs.

Media Relations and Publicity

Customized Public Relations Strategies

A truly great idea or solution is tough to come by, but when it does, it’s impossible to imagine having been without it. Weybridge Strategies has an award-winning track record of innovation in business, creating ideas that grab, and solutions that crystallize success.


From brainstorming techniques and creative program planning that meets business goals, to leading an in-house think tanks or an ideas generator, we are passionate about finding those elusive and break-through innovation models and concepts that seem like they should always have been there.

Materials Development

Whether targeting consumers, customers, employees, influencers or the media, how you communicate your messages will impact whether or not they resonate, are remembered and incite action.


We develop and produce some of the most compelling and results-driven materials in the industry, including: corporate and brand identity’s and integrated identity systems, teaser mailings, business brochures, invitations, employee communiqués, flyer designs, creative dimensional mailings, interactive and traditional press kits, CD-ROMS and DVDs, customer tool kits and support materials.

Company, Brand and Product Launches, Restages and Sustaining Programs

From cereal and champagne to financial wares and computer hardware, we have created a successful product marketing plan for both established leaders and emerging players. Our Weybridge team has launched – and sustained – many of the most successful and coveted global companies, brands and products of the last decade.


While each challenge has differed, what has remained strikingly consistent is what Weybridge Strategies and its individual team members have brought to the table: dead-on-right strategy, new ideas, creative delivery, meticulous execution and a genuine fervor for the client’s success.

Consumer Campaigns

Whether its fashion PR, food PR, beauty PR, technology PR or sports PR, every consumer shares the same desire: to be treated as a special, one-of-a-kind individual with unique needs, life-style and circumstances. And we think they’re right. Weybridge Strategies believes that every outreach to consumers – whether an educational initiative or brand awareness campaign – should deliver on this desire.


It should be customizable, make a connection, and above all, influence intent and action. We also are great believers in the positive bottom line benefits to be reaped from word-of-mouth consumer buzz and are adept at developing a powerful consumer program to create it.

Marketing-Based Public Relations

PR for PR sake doesn’t work. It uses up hard-won budget dollars and has no impact on the bottom line needs of your business. By contrast, marketing-based corporate public relations or brand PR strategies can be a powerful strategic weapon to brand value, build corporate reputation, launch products or services that exceed projections and help your company and offering own the marketplace dialogue to achieve share of mind and market share.


A marketing-based strategic public relations plan creates the context in which a brand exists – and even shines – for each critical audience. Coupled with strong customer retention strategies, they create the relevancy that resonates on an individual level and builds the powerful and enduring emotional bond that results in loyalty and a lifetime of measurable customer value.

Media Relations

Strategic media outreach and dialogue plays a key role in any effective public relations program. Whether raising awareness around an important issue, making a product a marketplace “star” or elevating the visibility of a company or executive team, Weybridge has the business public relations expertise, creative approaches and 1:1 contacts to generate local, regional and national coverage by proactively capitalizing on everything from industry trends to current affairs.


Our belief is that rather than a brief sizzle of media interest, most clients are better served by integrating a long-term media public relations strategy that leverages compelling, relevant and strategically-focused news to create growing momentum and a sustainable base of positive perception. Finally, as part of any PR plan for our clients, Weybridge maintains a solid base of active media contacts and resources across all critical categories.