Bridge-Builder Award Archive

Bridges are built to span physical obstacles – to provide passage over the obstacle. Weybridge recently created a Bridge-Builder Award to recognize people and organizations who do the same thing. We call our award winners “bridge-builders” for the good work they do to inspire others to take action to better the world. We applaud their efforts to span the gap between apathy and awareness.

Bridge-Builder – September 26, 2012

Bridge-Builder: Demi Lovato
Issue: Bullying
Why: It’s a formidable obstacle to personal success and well-being
Org: Teens against Bullying






Each day an estimated 160,000 children nationwide stay home from school because they dread bullying. Disney star and music sensation Demi Lovato was bullied so badly in seventh grade she decided to leave, ending up home-schooling to earn her high school diploma. Lovato cares deeply about the cause. “I hope that by sharing my story, it will encourage others to speak out,” Lovato said. “No one deserves to be bullied.”

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