Angel ACTion

Angel ACTion is a proprietary package of services designed for Angel funding groups and individuals. A core offering of Weybridge Strategies, Angel ACTion creates a “halo” effect that helps inform critical funding decisions by:

Mitigating Risk
As adept facilitators, experienced fund-raisers and business activators, we are uniquely qualified to help Angels limit risk around potential investments. Our ability to consistently find, pattern and leverage intentions that drive stakeholder engagement is often the “litmus test” Angels look for before taking the leap.

Connecting the Dots
Angels engage our customized teams to model how early stage companies can create that sweet spot where people realize “This company/brand/organization really ‘gets’ me and my needs. Because of that, I will choose it, buy it, promote it or take action.”

Strategizing Success
ACTion plans developed for Angel prospects run the gamut from creating packaging concepts and logos to conceiving public-private partnerships and visioning full blown launch plans. These have proven a key tool in helping Angels make critical investment decisions.

Pulling the Trigger
At the point when funding is secured both the investors and the start-up has the confidence in our team, our flexibility and our agility to cost-effectively execute on strategic plans.

Adding Value
The “value-add” of Angel ACTion is that it works both ways. Through our myriad connections, Weybridge Strategies frequently brings our Angel partners new concepts, offerings and companies with break-through potential.

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